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WordTracker - THE Keyword Research Tool


I can not stress ENOUGH the importance of doing keyword research for your website. Face it. If you want new customers day in and day out, you will have to rank high in the search engines like Google or MSN or Yahoo for a particular search term. You will need to do some search engine optimization and find the most requested words.

The problem is that many search terms are very competitive. Meaning, there are 1.2 million websites standing between you and the first page in Google unless you can find search terms that many people are typing in and few website owners know about. And there are plenty of these under-utilized keywords. But you have to know how to find them.

It is not enough to know how many people are searching on a particular term. You also have to know how many competing websites are already ranked for that term and which terms will give you the best bang for your buck. So, how many keywords to use? Enough to find the best of the best.

If you are going to spend all that time on your web page, then do the research to make sure someone actually sees it!!!



What does it do?

Wordtracker is a subscription based software that allows you to generate thousands of keywords or search terms related to your niche or product. It then tells you how many people searched on that term in the last 60 days, how many will probably search on that term per day and best of many websites are already ranked in Google (or whatever search engine you choose) for that particular phrase.

What that means can find the search phrases that have a large number of people searching on them everyday, but have very few competing pages so that when you optimize your page for that search term, you will rank on the first page of Google in no time. Now that is what I call an optimised keyword solution.

And when you rank on the first page of Google, you are guaranteed to get new customers to your website everyday. PAYING customers that are searching for your PARTICULAR product! How sweet is that!

Things I Like:

Wordtracker is very easy to use. AND you can buy the service for a day for less than $8!!! I guarantee that you can come up with enough search terms to keep you busy for a month in just a few hours. And you can research multiple keywords for multiple websites for better search engine ranks.

And because it is subscription based, it is up-to-date information. You are getting results from the last 60 days. That is about as current a research as you can get. Is Wordtracker accurate? Well, Dr. Andy with ez-seo claims that it is the most accurate keyword tool on the web and he is as good as it gets!

In fact, I use this service so much I put together a short video on how I use it to get my pages to rank high in the search engines. Here is the link:

My Wordtracker Video!


Things I Would Change:

There is not much I would change, but research for 4000 keywords on a given niche can be a little daunting! Unless you are pretty good with a spread sheet and can manipulate data, it may take a while to sort all the data and map out a plan for your website.

However there is an inexpensive software that cuts through those keywords like a hot knife through butter! It is called Keyword Research Analyzer and you will have to see my review on that product to see how it does that.

Rating: (Featuring the Beefy/Nacho Cheese Rating System)  

Highest rating will be 5 "T"-bones.


Click on the link below for more information on Wordtracker Software:

Wordtracker Keyword Software

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