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8 Weeks To Profits
  If you want to do the work ONE time and get paid over and over and over...if you want an online business on auto-pilot that runs by itself......if you want a steady stream of monthly income from your own product...then this may be the most important link you'll click on the rest of this year!

Finally, the FAST and PAINLESS way to create information products that pay you over and over and over...

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Secrets to Building Sites That Sell
  EVERYTHING you need to start an Online Family Business. You have to see the FREE videos to believe this!

A complete multi-media course designed to teach anyone how to create a profitable online business. Step by step video instructions on how to research a niche, choose a product, create a web page, create a professional-looking header and how to integrate a shopping cart so you can accept payment. Also comes with over 8 hours of audio to give you the big picture of internet marketing. If you can "cut and paste", you can start your own online business!

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Secrets To Online Auction Success!

Want to start a online home business without a website, without a blog and without any Internet experience at all?

This complete home study course that takes you STEP-BY-STEP and teaches you how to make money on eBay every week!

Secrets To Online Auction Success

How to Start Your Own Business...For Families and Teens!
  Do you have a budding entrepreneur at home? This 8-hour workshop on DVD is a GREAT way to teach your family the ins and outs of starting a business.

Plenty of hands-on practical application about what works in today's world and what doesn't. And all from a biblical perspective!

Comes with a printable workbook to follow along...makes a great business curriculum for the entire family!

Note: This course mainly deals with starting a service or retail business with an hour about starting an online business at the end.

Click Here for more information on How to Start Your Own Business...For Families and Teens!