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If you believe "all is well" with the way our kids are schooled, this isn't for you...

But, if you're ready to rescue your child from the educational elites... And... You strongly believe God has a better plan for your teen or young adult than struggling to become a middle-aged wage slave, then I invite you to read every word of this important message.


Stephen Beck

Father, Entrepreneur

And Teaching Cofounder


Date: January 11, 2007

From: Stephen Beck


Dear Concerned Friend,


This is a story of lost potential.


Ten years ago, on a beautiful day in late May, two youngsters graduated from high school. 


Though they'd been friends since childhood, they couldn't have been more different. 


One had taken full advantage of her private education. She was an honor student headed for an Ivy League school on full scholarship.

The other's prospects were uncertain. He was smart as a whip, but utterly uninterested in going to college. He wasn't a bad kid, but he'd been classified as 'rebellious' by his teachers. His largely unearned reputation dogged him through his early years, and he began to "act out."

After much soul-searching, deep prayer and Christian counseling, his parents opted for home schooling. 

Recently, our two friends returned home for their 10-year reunion.

Over coffee, they discovered that their lives contained some remarkable similarities. Both were happily married. Both were earning comfortable incomes. And both were expecting their first child!

But there were differences. Our Ivy Leaguer wore dark circles under her eyes. The result of 80 hour work weeks spent pursuing partner status in a large accounting firm. Even after discovering she was pregnant, she was hardly able to trim her breakneck schedule.

Our "rebel" was now pastor over a small church he'd begun in his living room a few years before. His congregation was growing, but still unable to provide him with a steady salary. As it turned out, this was no hardship at all. He was financially secure. 

So How Did Our Underachieving Rebel Overcome His Past And Create The "Freedom To Serve"?


"Practical And Relevant!"

The workshop was very practical and relevant. Excellent use of examples and illustrations. Great Job!

Jack Van Deventer (Parent)

Have you ever witnessed, as I have, young couples chasing after the brass rings of career and money? They seem to have it all, unless you know what to watch for:

Constant "busyness" spent shuffling children between hired caretakers... Increasing debt to leverage an empty lifestyle... Growing distance from family and friends due to immense time pressures... 

Perhaps you've sensed these strains in your own life. I know I have!

Pursuing Mammon At The Expense Of The Real Prize Isn't New!


"Give careful thought to your ways. You have planted much, but have harvested little.


You eat, but never have enough. You drink, but never have your fill. You put on clothes, but are not warm.


You earn wages, only to put them in a purse with holes in it…


...You expected much, but see, it turned out to be little. What you brought home, I blew away. Why?" declares the LORD Almighty. 


"Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house."


Book Of Haggai 1:5,6,9



Factoid: as many as one in four kindergarteners demonstrates entrepreneurial qualities such as a taste for risk-taking, creative problem-solving abilities, and high internal motivation to succeed.


Unfortunately, as children grow older, many lose that entrepreneurial spark. By the time teenagers graduate from high school, only three percent actively use the same entrepreneurial skills.


Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Clearinghouse on Entrepreneurial Education (CELCEE)


"Teens Believe Owning Their Own Business Provides Job Security"

According to a recent poll conducted by Junior Achievement, more teenagers believe that owning their own business provides greater job security, compared to working for a company.

About three-quarters of the teens indicated that they would like to start their own business. 

This poll shows that today's teens have a great deal of confidence in their ability to develop and reach their goals. Thus, it is important for parents and business owners to encourage the next generation and for whole communities to support youth entrepreneurship.



Famous "Drop-Outs"


Jim Clark...self-made billionaire  American businessman founder of "Netscape" and first Internet billionaire.


Andrew Jackson...7th U.S. President


Walter L. Smith...former president of Florida A&M University


W. Clement Stone...self-made multimillionaire and founder of "Success" magazine


Jack London... best selling American author


Bill Gates...Founder of Microsoft


Robert Maxwell...self made billionaire British publisher


J.R. Simplot...self-made billionaire American agricultural businessman


Peter Jennings... Canadian born American television journalist and evening news anchorman


And Thousands More!

What you haven't been told is that this  isn't your fault. Most of us have grown up under a crushing Conveyor Belt Education System.


It's the system I was raised with. Chances are it's the same system you were brought up in.


Conveyor Belt Education is provided by the government.  Its only purpose is to prepare your children for a job, any job, by teaching them what to think.  


Public education historically exists to teach the 'poor' to land a job.  


Today, most Americans have no other choice than a public education.  Sadly, many of our most exclusive private schools duplicate this same failed approach!


Your children's education is set up like a factory: everyone in the class gets the same education at the same age from the same textbooks, and they are tested the same and graded based upon the same scale...


...Regardless of their individual talents, goals, interests or personal mission. 


Foolish Conformity

Is The Name Of The Game In Public Education.


But it doesn't stop there. 


You see, public education trains your kids to turn off their minds. And once that happens, your children are less able to resist outside pressures to conform to the world around them. 


Your child's God-given ingenuity and resourcefulness are destroyed. Their ability to rule and reign for Jesus Christ is compromised.


Conveyor Belt Education is nothing more than 'training for the treadmill'.


The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way. 


(Here's where it gets really interesting)


What if you had a God-honoring way to teach your children (and discover for yourself) how to...


Create alternative sources of income that 

        reduce your dependency on others for your 



Create passive sources of income so you 

        can spend less time at your 9 to 5 job.


Re-awaken lost entrepreneurial skills and 

        teach your children to weather any economic 



Gain more control over income, time and 

      priorities and reduce the control the world has 

        over when we work, when we go home to our 

        families, how much we make and who we get to 

        work with.


Spend more time with family without the 

        exhaustion that comes from the grueling climb up

        the corporate ladder.


Get out of debt and build a business around 

        your passion!


"Lessons For A Lifetime!"

Thank you very much for offering this class. It gave me so much to think about. I will be using what I learned here for the rest of my life!


Katie Saunders (Student)


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephen Beck. For over 20 years, I ran a successful remodeling business. 


Not long ago, I 'retired' from my business. Now with my wife Kerry, I'm blessed to follow my passion:


Teaching others (especially teens and young adults)...


 How to Start, Nurture

And Sustain A Successful Home-Based Enterprise!


When I first left my six-figure income as a building contractor, I began speaking at homeschool conventions all over the country. 


I soon realized the business talks I gave were some of the most popular and well attended activities at these events.


I also discovered an incredible hunger to learn the basics of business, especially among the teenagers I spoke to.


I just assumed that most families had a good working grasp of personal finance and business principles.