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SalesLetter Generator


What does it do?

This software creates a single web page for a single product.

Now that is a little misleading. Why? Because the most profitable and effective web pages on the internet are the ones that have one page and sell only one product.



You have only one decision to make on a single page website. Buy or not buy. There are no links to distract you - no articles - no competing products - no nothing! Except for maybe a pop-up box that captures your email, the only thing you need to do is read about about the product and then make a decision - buy or not buy.

But of course, the devil is in the details...or the sales copy in this case. Can you write a compelling sales letter for your product? Can you pin point the problem your customer is having with lazer-sharp precision and then provide a solution for that precise problem?

Can you turn a reader into a buyer?

Things I Like:

Do NOT underestimate the power of a well-written sales letter. This software program literally gives you each part of an effective sales letter in the form of a template so that you do not miss any of the crucial pieces. It asks you to fill in your headline, your hypnotic hook, your customer testimonials, your bonuses, your features and benefits, your guarantee and even your postscripts.

This program leaves nothing to chance and that is good - because ALL of your internet sales ride on effective sales copy. Face it. It takes years of experience to write a truly effective sales that truly makes your customers whip out their wallets and buy your product NOW. So if you don't have that experience, do the next best thing...use a program written by someone who does!

Here is an example of my sales letter!

One of the best things about this program is that it comes with audios that tell you how to write a headline, a hook and a story with lots of examples. You will also learn how to weave benefits into your story and when it is appropriate to use features. The audios alone are worth the price of the software program.

Basically, your will learn HOW to write an effective sales letter, then you will fill in the blanks of the template in the software program and then, the software will create your single page website for you! It just don't get any easier than that!

Things I Would Change:

The only thing that could improve this product is a video on how to use the software, but in reality, the software is so easy to use, that a video would be redundant.


There are few programs that I could NOT survive with out and this is one of them. Yes, I know how to make web pages from scratch. But I also realize that ALL successful internet marketers follow a proven formula - a formula that ensures that they do not leave out important steps. Salesletter Generator ensures that I write profitable sales letters every time and since this is my livelihood, I don't want to mess with a good thing.

Can you change the page after Salesletter Generator creates it. You bet. You can move things around, add headers, graphics, sound...anything you can do to a normal web page. But what makes this software so different is the speed and the completeness with which you will create your next web page.

Rating: (Featuring the Beefy/Nacho Cheese Rating System)  

Highest rating is five "T"-bones. Five "T"-bones indicates a product I can NOT live with out.


For more information on the SaleLetter Generator, click on the banner or link below:


Creates Cash Producing Sales Letters, the same kind of letters Armand has used to generate $167,434 in only 5 1/2 months!

SalesLetter Generator


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