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Secrets to Building Sites That Sell...PLUS EMAIL COACHING!
  EVERYTHING you need to start an Online Family Business. You have to see the FREE videos to believe this!

A complete multi-media course designed to teach anyone how to create a profitable online business. Step by step video instructions on how to research a niche, choose a product, create a web page, create a professional-looking header and how to integrate a shopping cart so you can accept payment. Also comes with over 8 hours of audio to give you the big picture of internet marketing. If you can "cut and paste", you can start your own online business!

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Complete Ebook Creation Course
  Coming Soon! You have NEVER seen anything like this one!


Gain Freedom Through Online Auctions...PLUS EMAIL COACHING!
  Coming Soon!



Comparison Chart for Secrets to Building Sites That Sell

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 What the Course Contains: Getting Started
Online Videos
Secrets to Building
Sites That Sell
Secrets to Building
Sites That Sell
Plus Coaching
 - how to get started
 - video instruction on blogs, web pages, affiliate
   products and search engines traffic
 - audios and transcripts  
 - video on getting web hosting and a domain name  
 - video on adding sound to your web site  
 - video/audio on creating downloadable products  
 - video/audio on researching search engine keywords  
 - audio on email marketing  
 - how to choose a niche exercise    
 - weekly assignments    
 - recorded coaching calls    


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