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Welcome to FamilyEbiz!

My name is Stephen Beck and I want to help you gain more FREEDOM over your life and finances. And the BEST way to do that, in my opinion, is through an online business!

Now, starting an online business may seem a little daunting at first, but let me assure you, there are resources that can help. Let me tell you about a few...

, you can search for tools and resources by topic on the left. Just about anything you will need to build and run an online business is found there.

Next, if you want step by step instructions on how to start an online business, we have several courses for you depending on what you want to sell on the Internet...

If you want to sell information products on the Internet
If you don't want to mess with inventory, shipping and returns, here is a wonderful step by step course for you...complete with assignments and videos:
8 Weeks To Profits

If you want to sell physical products on the Internet
If you have a physical product in mind but are unsure of how to build a web site, set up a shopping cart and get visitors to your site...then this step by step course complete with videos will be just the thing for you:
Secrets To Building Sites That Sell

Why An Online Business?

  • It doesn't take a lot of money to start one.
  • It doesn't take a lot of time - you can start one and keep your day job at the same time!
  • Passive income - set it and forget it, but the money keeps rolling in!
  • It is a business you can pass on to your children (and even teach them how to have their own online business!)

If you want to sell physical products without all the muss and fuss of having a web site
Everything you wanted to know about making serious money on Ebay, but were afraid to ask!
Secrets To Online Auction Success

If you want to teach your children entrepreneurial skills with a regular offline business
How To Start Your Own Business...For Families and Teens!
8-hour workshop on DVD on how to start a physical business - not just an Internet business. Great curriculum for your teen!