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I Got the Call That EVERY Parent Dreads...
"Dad, the Truck is on Fire!"

From: Stephen Beck, president of FamilyEbiz

After I heard my daughter's frantic voice telling me our family truck was on  fire, I took a deep breath and asked "Are you all right?"

My daughter answered "yes" and then proceeded to tell me what happened. She had driven to softball practice and parked our pickup truck in the parking lot

She was fielding grounders when someone screamed, "Gentry, your truck is on fire!"

Gentry looked over to the parking lot and saw flames shooting out from under the hood!

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Luckily, one of Gentry's coaches is a wrecker driver and ran to his truck, got his fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

But not before a lot of damage had been done.

The fire melted the wiring harness, the master cylinder, the plastic grill between the windshield and hood, the hood struts and a bunch of other parts I don't even know the names for.

The bummer is that I had just put new windshield wipers on that truck! ;-)

When I got there, the firemen were investigating the damage and the police were asking me how soon I could move the vehicle!

"Well, let me catch my breath first!"

Don, the guy who put out the fire, volunteered to haul my truck to the mechanic with his wrecker (of course, I will make sure he gets paid).

The mechanic told me that Ford pickups have a problem with the cruise control switch overheating and starting fires under the hood...even when the truck is in park and the engine is off.

I looked on the Internet and sure enough, there have been over 559 reported engine fires (make that 560 now!) and several people have died as a result. Most died while sleeping in their homes as the truck spontaneously caught on fire in the garage and burned their house down.

I called Ford Motor Company, but a spokeswoman told me that since they have sent out a few recall postcards, they have no responsibility - morally or otherwise. Of course, the recall notices did not make their way to me in Idaho were I am attending seminary!

Ford refuses to pay for ANY of the damage caused by their faulty cruise control switch which caused the fire.

And they refuse to discuss the matter further.

Ah well!

So, here is the part where I could use your help...

The truck is 7 years old, so obviously I do not have comprehensive insurance to cover the fire damage. And the bill will be in the thousands.

...which will come directly out of our savings.

So I thought of a really cool idea...

What if I help you
while you help me?


AUGUST 3, 2006 -- The NHTSA has received 1,472 complaints about malfunctioning cruise controls. 559 reported vehicle fires...

Most of the fires in question occurred when the vehicles were not running.
The fires can ignite well after the engine has been turned off because electrical current continues to run through the switch.

Ford warns, the "switch may overheat, smoke or burn which could result in an underhood fire... This condition may occur either when the vehicle is parked or when it is being operated, even if the speed control is not in use."

Fires linked to the switches have destroyed homes in Texas, Florida, California and elsewhere. In addition, wrongful-death lawsuits have been filed against Ford and two of its suppliers alleging that defective switches caused fires that killed a 74-year-old Iowa woman and a 4-year-old girl in Georgia.

Harold of El Cajon, Calif., parked his F-150 at his son's condo. It burst into flames, destroying Harold's truck, his son's Volvo and most of the condo.

Norma of Santa Barbara was sound asleep when her neighbor's Ford Ranger burst into flames, starting a fire that destroyed her car and sent pieces of hot metal crashing into the living room of a nearby home. Norma has not been able to recover any damages and has no way to get to work.

Shannon of Tampa was also sleeping when her Expedition caught fire in the middle of the night. She, her husband and two children escaped but their home was damaged and uninhabitable for four months. "Ford treated us horribly during our ordeal," Shannon told ConsumerAffairs.Com.

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Why a study on debt?

The Bible refers more to the subject of money than any other topic. Where will your children learn these important lessons about finances? Are you teaching them about finances and debt before they find themselves neck-deep in student loans, a mortgage and a $15,000 credit card debt? Come hear the biblical view of finances and debt - and how we can effectively teach this to our children.

Student Workbook with all the verses included and questions to guide you through the Scripture references.

Teacher's Guide with answers and discussion points to help reduce the work load for the teacher.

Even better, we have included Stephen's "Teaching Your Children about Debt and Finances" one-hour talk as a supplement for both student and parent.

What is included in the student workbook?
  • Most of the verses in the Old and New Testament about debt, surety and usury

  • Ample space to write notes on each verse and to draw principles from those verses

  • A proprietary synthesizing exercise that brings all the verses together into a coherent way to draw conclusions (this helps the principles stick in the mind of the student)

  • My conclusions about debt


Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth - $37 Value
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The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth

He Who Makes the Money, Makes the Rules... Discover The Time-Tested Principles of Acquiring Wealth Starting Today!

So you want to start taking your finances and wealth-building seriously. You also agree that as long as you words such as "status quo", "average", "medium", and "balance", so will your income remain just that.


But what really are the rules of acquiring wealth?

The Golden Rules of Acquiring Wealth is a book that details over 19 principles of building wealth that have survived the test of time. Regardless of your current position, situation or time - this material shows you 19 oversimplified rules of self-investing and building your wealth.

Total Value?...$1050!!!

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