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ecovergenerator_125 eCover Generator



What does it do?

This little software program makes 3-D pictures out of anything! If you can get a picture of something, anything, it will turn it into a box, a book or even a bound report.

Don't underestimate the power of visual marketing. Everyone knows that they are buying an ebook as a downloadable pdf file, but there is a sense of value that comes with seeing that ebook look like a "real" book. Face it. People are spending a lot of money on your ebooks, tutorials and audios. They want to feel like they are purchasing a professional product and a quality 3-D graphic goes a long way to convincing them that your products are worth the price - that they have real value!

Things I Like:

This program is simple to use and even comes with pre-made templates if that is your cup of tea. I prefer to make my own covers in Macromedia Fireworks and then import them into eCover Generator to make 3-D software boxes and books.

This program allows you to make the cover, the spine and then at what angle the "book" will sit. It even allows you to determine the length and angle of a drop shadow - now that looks really cool!

Click here to see an example of a cover I made with eCover Generator.

Things I Would Change:

You really need to know what size you want before you start. If you start enlarging or shrinking the finished JPEG, it will scrunch the letters and look unprofessional.

Also, you will have to experiment to see how wide the spine should be to look like a real book instead of a box with pages. What I am saying is, be prepared to spend some time to get used to the funny quirks of eCover Generator. It is certainly not as robust as an expensive drawing program like Corel Draw, but then again, it is not designed to be.


This software program is designed to be a quick, easy way to take any JPEG or GIF file and turn it into a 3-D book or box. To that end it does a pretty good job.

Again, your sales will increase if you add value by projecting a professional image with your downloadable products. And you will not have to pay a graphic designer $300 or more for a 3-D image.

Buy this product and you can even start your own affordable ebook cover design business!

Featuring the Beefy/Nacho Cheese Rating System)  

Highest rating is five "T"-bones


Want more information on eCover Generator? Click on the link below:

ecovergenerator_125 Ebook Generator


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