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There are very few products that you can create in less than a week that can be so useful to your online business. Ebooks can be a gateway to more expensive products as well as lend credibility to your message. That is why it is so essential that you learn how to write and market an ebook.

Once you have your ebook written, you will have to compile it into a form that others can read. And if you have a real winner on your hands, you will have to protect it from theft using a product such as ebook.

So, check out the resources below and maybe you too will become an ebook millionaire when you learn to make money with your own online e-book!

Click on the titles below for more information and my reviews:

8 Weeks To Profits
by Stephen Beck
If you want to do the work ONE time and get paid over and over and over...if you want an online business on auto-pilot that runs by itself......if you want a steady stream of monthly income from your own product...then this may be the most important link you'll click on the rest of this year!

Finally, the FAST and PAINLESS way to create information products that pay you over and over and over...

How to Write and Publish Your ebook in as Little as 7 Days!
by Jim Edwards
This link is a little "sticky". If it doesn't work the first time, please try again!
eBook Generator
by Armand Morin
One of the easiest ways to create an ebook. Allows you to create a server-side ebook that gives you complete control over who can read your ebook and makes updates a snap! Click on the title above to check out my review.
eCover Generator
by Armand Morin
Use this cool program to create 3-D pictures of your ebooks to put on your web site and sales letter. Read my review by clicking on the title above.
1 Shopping Cart
by a really smart guy!
Great way to accept payment and deliver your ebook. To see my review, click on the title above.
SalesLetter Generator
by Armand Morin
You won't sell many ebooks without a killer sales letter and this is one of the best sales letter creators around. Leaves no stone un-turned! Click on the title above to check out my review.
Header Generator
by Armand Morin
Create cool header graphics for your web sites using this nifty software! Read my review by clicking on the title above.
eBook Secrets Exposed
by Jim Edwards
Frankly, I like everything written by Jim on the link above to see why!

Make money online with your own e-book!