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What does it do?

This software program creates ebooks in a format that anyone on the internet can read and download. You have to supply the content, but this little program takes it from there.

If you have been following my newsletters or heard me speak, you know that I recommend selling downloadable products…specifically Ebooks. I have even suggested that you write your own. It is not as hard as it sounds.

Surely, you know about an area that others are interested in. Perhaps you have even written a paper or lengthy article on it. Well it is time to put that information into a saleable format.

Things I Like:

This program is very simple to use. The problem with most ebook creation software is that your ebook is created in a pdf format, which is great because every computer can read it (even macs!) and it is also very easy to download.

I said problem because someone can download your e-book as a pdf file and then email it to 100 of his best friends. Sure you can password protect it, but wants your ebook resides on someone else's hard drive and they have the password, you lose all control over YOUR ebook.

So, Ebook Generator to the rescue. Ebook Generator converts your ebook to an html file that resides on your server, where you maintain complete control over who views your e-book (only paying customers through a registration system), how long they could view it (so he doesn't give his access code to 100 of his best friends over the next few weeks) and even whether they can print out your ebook. Meaning, only paying customers can view this book and because it does not download to their hard drive, they can not pass it along…they can only print it out. You can even disable someone's access to your e-book if you need to.

Another huge reason to keep your ebook on your server is to make changes. Let's say you want to change a link, or a typo or anything. Simply make the changes, as you would any website, and viola, the changes are permanent. Since they have to read your Ebook from the server, you do not have 50 different "revised" PDF versions of your ebook floating around!

Remember, an ebook can be a very powerful marketing tool. It can drive folks back to your website or recommend products you have just stumbled across this week. But ONLY if you a way to keep your ebook current. And you can not change your ebook in pdf form that is resting on someone else's hard drive because they downloaded it two weeks ago!

E-book Generator makes all this a snap! I created A Father's Stew e-book in about 30 minutes. See the Father's Stew e-book in html form here. (Incidentally, I made the cool 3-D book cover with E-cover Generator) You can bet that I will be offering it on my homeschool curriculum website real soon!

Now, all you need is a way to automatically give people access to your Ebook when they pay for it. Meaning, one of the huge reasons people buy Ebooks is to get the information NOW! Even if it is 2:00 AM. And the best way to do this is using 1 Shopping Cart. So if they pay, they are immediately sent an email with a registration code that gives them access to your Ebook. You can conceivably sell an Ebook, take the payment and deliver the Ebook all while you are skiing with your family in Colorado! Now that is a business idea I can get excited about!

Things I Would Change:

The greatest strength of Ebook Generator is also its greatest weakness. People are used to getting an ebook in pdf format. They are not used to reading an ebook on the web and therefore you will have to educate them why it is to their advantage to do so.

Tell them that you will update the resources section or update the information when you stumble across new ideas or new products. Tell them it is a "living" document and that they have free updates for life.


This is a great way to create an ebook if you are concerned about someone stealing your content. I don't know of many other programs that have the "share an ebook with your friend" problem licked like this one does. But, many ebooks are created to share because they are actually cleverly disguised marketing pieces for higher end products such as home study courses, coaching classes, tele-seminars, membership sites and the like.

One thing you may consider Ebook Generator for is a password protected web page for your downloadable stuff like mp3's and videos. Stuff that is too large for 1 Shopping Cart to email to your customers.


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Highest rating is five "T"-bones

Want more information on eBook Generator? Click on the link below:

Ebook Generator


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