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Starting a Family eBay Business Package - you get 3 audios for the price of one!
by Kerry Beck

eBay is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to start a family business.

In these 3 powerful mp3 audios, discover how your family can have the freedom over their lives that you've always dreamed of.  eBay allows you to call the shots as you make money.

Get your Family eBay Pack today at a significant discount!  (see below)

Audio #1 - Is eBay Right for You?  ($10 value)
  Looking for business that your kids can start but donít have a lot of money to invest? Need some extra cash for an unexpected expense or trying to pay off your credit card debt? Do you already have a business but could use more customers from all over the world? Then eBay is just for you! It is one of the best ways to teach your kids business skills while you work out of the home. You can also generate investment money for business ideas and get out of debt. Kerry Beck shares her own eBay story - how she went from selling things around the house to becoming an eBay Power Seller. Learn how to start your family business from scratch and involve your children at the same time. Then, you can reap the benefits of your hard work

Audio #2 - Involve Your Children in eBay and Watch Them Become Young Entrepreneurs  ($10 value)
  Wondering how to tie together education and business for your children?  Then consider eBay!  It is one of the best ways to teach your kids business skills while you work out of the home.  Learn how to start your family business from scratch and involve your children at the same time.  Then, you can reap the benefits of your hard work.

Audio #3 - Listing on eBay: Free, Quick & Easy  ($37 value)
  Ready to start an eBay business, but not sure where to start? Kerry explains step-by-step how to use Turbo Lister, a free software program, for all your auctions. Coming up with a title, choosing a category, writing a description, pricing, shipping costs and photos are all discussed in this easy-to-follow audio. Just open up Turbo Lister on your computer, listen to this CD and follow the directions. You will be listing items on eBay in no time. And, youíll be enjoying the profits of your hard work and new eBay business. Remember eBay is one of the easiest ways for families to start their own business. Kids too!

Bonus - You will be entitled to 1 month FREE in our FamilyEbiz Audio Club, this is, by itself, worth $19.97 Just Read About Everything That's Included...

- You will receive the FamilyEbiz MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CDs. These are Stephen Beck's exclusive audio content including experts from every facet of online business. Use these CD's to turn commuting time into "power learning time".

After your free month, dues are only $19.97 monthly charged automatically to your credit card.

You may cancel any time with no obligation whatsoever and still keep all the past months' FamilyEbiz Audio CD's, you've received! Just send an email to shipping<at>familyebiz<dot>com or fax 979-703-5724.

Claim your copy of this package at a significant discount.  The value is $57, but you only pay $27.00 for all 3 audios, sent to you on a physical Audio CD!

P.S.  - This is the best way to get started in Ebay without spending a fortune!

P.S.S. - You have purchased on Ebay, now start SELLING on Ebay - these audios
               will tell you how!