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The Drop Ship Source Directory


What does it do?

One of the coolest concepts I ever stumbled upon on the internet was that of drop shipping. Drop shipping is where you put up a website, drive customers to it, take the orders and then have the wholesaler or manufacturer send the product DIRECTLY to the customer from their warehouse.

Think about that. No inventory and no shipping. You just take the order and someone else ships the product. Drop shipping has a few advantages over affiliate sites. Affiliate sites are where you recommend a product or a website and then send your customer to that website via an affiliate link so that you get the credit and hopefully a commission.

But a lot can go wrong. The customer may not make it to that site. Also, you have no control over what that site looks like, or changes made to that site or how your customer will navigate around on that site. And the biggest problem, you are not collecting the money to ensure that you get paid!

With drop shipping, you get the best of both worlds. No inventory, no shipping and complete control of the money. Think of all the businesses you can do with drop shipping:

  • home based gift business drop shipping       
  • wholesale dropship garden products
  • gemstones wholesale
  • aids to daily living
  • candle wholesale drop ship supplier
  • wholesale bath and body
  • fabric and trims
  • cast iron banks
  • home security products home business drop shippers

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Things I Like about The Drop Ship Source Directory:

Although drop shipping sounds like the best thing since sliced bread, finding a wholesaler or a manufacturer to drop ship can be a challenge. Not all wholesalers want to mess with drop shipping and many on the internet who pose as wholesalers are not wholesalers at all...they are cleverly disguised "buying clubs" or "internet malls" designed to separate you from your money. They are drop ship sales scam artists and not dealers with wholesale products to sell.

So, Chris Malta to the rescue. He has compiled a list of drop shippers that his company has personally checked out. He has the staff and know-how to carefully screen every new Drop Shipper they find, and they add new Drop Shipper information to The Drop Ship Source Directory on a daily basis. Most of these are American companys.

And...the Drop Ship Source Directory has over 3,000,000 name brand and specialty products, updated in real time via the Internet. How long would it take you to find that many wholesalers? And you  get the wholesale source, their address, phone numbers, email addresses, web site, the name of the person to talk to,  credit terms, how to order, and when the contact was last updated. All sources are continually updated and re-verified for accuracy.

Things I Would Change:

Actually, there is not much I would change. But you must realize that putting up a website with products will not guarantee your success. You have to know how to out-compete other websites that are selling the same thing you are.

Since, that is not the purpose of the Drop Ship Source Directory, I do not hold this against them. Yet, you will need to learn how to build a website and then get that website ranked high in the search engines for your particular product. And I have reviewed other products designed to do just that.


This product does exactly what it is supposed to do. Provide names and contact information of wholesalers who will drop ship to your customers. The rest is up to you.

Rating: (Featuring the Beefy/Nacho Cheese Rating System)  

Highest rating is five "T"-bones


For more information on the Drop Ship Source Directory, click on the link or the banner below:

More Info On DropShipping

More drop ship businesses you can start:

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  • marine fish
  • welding equipment
  • plus size stockings distributors
  • Christian apparel
  • drop shippers for trailer parts
  • eclectic home decor
  • fishing reels, tackle and rod
  • gourmet dog treats
  • model planes
  • Yankee candle products
  • luxury pet