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Welcome to the FamilyEbiz Affiliate Program!

Products included in our affiliate program:

Get Wildly Wealthy With Webinars!  (click on link to see the sales page)
Imagine presenting your products and services to hundreds of prospective customers at the same time! This is the course that teaches you the FASTEST and EASIEST way to create a product, build a huge email list and sell more of your existing products and none! Now you can use webinar technology to skyrocket your online OR offline business.

8 Weeks To Profits  (click on link to see the sales page)
If you want to do the work ONE time and get paid over and over and over...if you want an online business on auto-pilot that runs by itself......if you want a steady stream of monthly income from your own product...then this may be the most important link you'll click on the rest of this year
! Finally, the FAST and PAINLESS way to create information products that pay you over and over and over...

Secrets To Building Sites That Sell  (click on link to see the sales page)
The course that teaches you how to build a PROFITABLE web site from scratch using Step-By-Step video! This is the course that sold over $50,000 in 5 days!

Secrets To Online Auction Success  (click on link to see the sales page)
Step-by-step videos on everything you wanted to know about making a serious stream of income from Ebay. You have already BOUGHT on Ebay, now make that money back and start SELLING on Ebay!

How To Start Your Own Business...For Families and Teens!
  (click on link to see the sales page)
8-hour workshop on DVD on how to start a physical business - not just internet business.
Great curriculum for your teen!

How Affiliate Programs Work

How We Pay Affiliate Commissions

Here are the steps to becoming one of our affiliates:

Step 1: Sign Up for the Affiliate Program

Click Here to Sign Up          

Watch video on signing up

Step 2: Check your inbox for an email from us with your affiliate link, username and password
  Watch video on getting the email
Step 3: Paste the affiliate link in your Emails, Yahoo Groups That You Visit and Forums That You Visit
  Watch video on pasting the affiliate link
Step 4: Login to your affiliate account to access tools and reports

After you signup, Click Here to Login Use your username and password from the email in Step 2

Step 5: Choose "Links & Tools" to access the links, emails and banner ads we have prepared for you

Once you are in your affiliate account (see step 4), choose "Links & Tools" to access text links, banner ads and even COMPLETE emails already prepared with your affiliate info.

Watch video on accessing links and tools

Step 6: Choose "Summary Report" to find out how many people have clicked on your affiliate link and how much you have earned in commissions.

Once you are in your affiliate account (see above), choose "Summary Report" to find out how many people have clicked on your affiliate link and how much you have earned in commissions.

Watch video on getting reports

Watch video on changing your profile

How Affiliate Programs Work

We want to share our success with you. Every time someone buys one of our products as a result of your recommendation, you will get a commission. That’s right. Each time you send someone to our website and they purchase one of our popular products, you will get a FAT commission check. It is that easy!

Think about that for a minute. You can make money on the internet without having a product of your own. You do not need to write a sales letter, buy any inventory or even have a website. All you need to do is write a compelling email recommending this DVD workshop and use your affiliate link to send them to our sales letter (this will ensure that you get the credit). That’s right. We have done all the work for you! Think of all the people you could tell about this exciting workshop…people you send emails to, email loops, newsgroups, yahoo groups, homeschool lists... the possibilities are endless. And you will earn a commission for each product that is sold through your recommendation!

Let’s face it. Many Christians want to start their own business, but there are no hands-on, biblically-based products like ours on the market today. Therefore, you will be recommending products that have a high demand and relatively no competition. I love ClickBank and generate affiliate commissions through some of their products, but it is very competitive. Many people are trying to sell the exact same products from ClickBank that you are. However, with these products, you will be recommending things that are very popular and that not many people are trying to sell…yet!

How does this work?
When you recommend our product on your website, email group, homeschool loop, etc., you will use an affiliate link that I give you. This link will take the prospective customer to my sales letter and will have a special code, called a cookie” that will allow me to track the sale back to you. Of course, people will be more interested (and you will make more sales) if you write a small testimonial to go with the link. The people on your list know you and trust you. Therefore, they will be more likely to read the sales letter if you recommend it to them. Having first hand experience with our products will help you write with conviction and enthusiasm, so I recommend purchasing a copy for yourself if you do not already own one.

One caveat, however. Although we recommend that you buy the products to have first hand knowledge of what you are recommending, you will not get a commission check for that purchase. You will only get a commission check for those purchases as a result of your link, not for your own purchase.

Another great way to sell our products is by offering a bonus. Have you written something yourself and want to get your name out there? Is there something free on the internet, like an Ebook, that you can offer? This will help differentiate you from others and you can begin building your own email list to sell other products as well.

We at see this as the beginning of a great relationship. We will continue to come out with exciting one-of-a-kind products and we hope that you will continue to profit from them…both personally and as an affiliate!

Click here for step-by-step details to become an affiliate

How We Pay Affiliate Commissions

We pay our affiliates 30 days after the customer's card has been charged (to allow for any refunds). However, to keep from writing checks everyday, we cut checks at the end of the month. Therefore if the customer's card is charged on Oct 16th, the affiliate commission will not be paid until 30 days later, which would be Nov 16th. And since we cut checks at the end of the month, the affiliate check would be mailed on Nov 30th.