For The Person Who Has Always Wanted To Start Their Own Business On The Internet...

"Finally! The Step-By-Step PLAN, VIDEOS And RESOURCES To Get You Started With An Online Business....
At An Incredibly Low Price!"

Date: January 02, 2009
From: Stephen and Kerry Beck

Hi, we are Kerry and Stephen Beck with And we teach families how to start their own businesses on the Internet.

We are NOT gurus...we are just the couple next door who accidentally stumbled upon a way to make a really good income using the power of the Internet.

Most people think the Internet is a very impersonal medium. They believe that the goal to making an income on the Internet is to find a "hot" product that sells like crazy this month and then find the another "hot" product for next month.

We take a VERY different approach.

Stephen and Kerry Beck
We accidentally discovered the secret to making a great income on the Internet!

You see, the people who read my newsletter and who visit my web site are my friends. I may not know each one individually, but I want them to feel like welcomed guests. The best online businesses are built on relationships. Relationships between you and your visitors.

That is the way we teach you to start an online businesses. By treating your guests with respect and taking the time to find out what they want...and then meeting that need.

Do you know the three questions we are asked most often?

"How do I get started with an online business?"

"Do I need a lot of money?"

"Does it take a lot of time?"

So, you know what we did for our friends?

We put together a package that covers...

  1. The Over-All Plan To Follow For Your New Online Business
  2. Videos Of My Computer Screen Showing You Step-By-Step How To Follow The Plan
  3. Resources To Help You With Graphics, Headers

The entire system comes in three easy to follow Disks....

Dear Steve
Thank you so much for the great teleseminar you gave on Saturday.  I've been working at getting something up and going here and it gave me the direction to start going. 

In fact, right after the call ended I had lunch with my family (husband and 6 children) and went through the questions of areas of interest, ability, past work, etc with all of them and got some wonderful insights from them about myself that I would NOT have come up with but now realize they are very on target.

Lori G.

Disk #1
Getting Started Online System: The Big Picture
This is the PLAN you need to follow to start your new online business. Just look at what is included in this easy-to-follow system...
Disk #1 - Part 1: Recording of my Teleseminar on the Big Picture
$37 Retail Value!

Here's a sample of what's on the teleseminar...

The potential of an online business
The problems with an online business
The need for a plan
  How to find a group of people who have a common interest...people who have the same passions as you!
  How to research a topic for your new group of friends...
to make sure that topic has high DEMAND and is  PROFITABLE!
  How to find products for your new group of friends - products that your new friends want and need!
    How to know EXACTLY what your new friends are looking for ...even before you create a web site!
  How to tell your new group of friends about the new products you have found for them.
  How to process the order when your new friends buy - shopping carts, collecting the payment and delivery methods.
  How to set up your web site and blog so that the Search Engines send you dozens, if not hundreds, of new friends to your site every day!
Disk #1 - Part 2: How to Choose a Niche...the Right Way!


$27 Retail Value!

A Step-by-Step Guide for Choosing a Profitable Niche on the Internet!

We have created a step-by-step guide for discovering your passions, skills and hidden talents. And then we teach you how to parlay those into an ONLINE BUSINESS!

After that, we teach you how to generate online business ideas and research those ideas for demand and profitability. And in doing the research, you will come up with dozens of ideas for products!

Disk #1 - Part 3: Private Interview with a Newbie!

$47 Retail Value

What if You Could Call Me on the Phone and Ask Me All Your Questions about Starting an Online Business
for Over an Hour?!?

That is EXACTLY what Nanette did. Actually she wrote me an email saying she was skeptical about all the HYPE surrounding Online Businesses.

So, I called her and she interviewed me for over 75 minutes on the best way to start an online business for her family. And I held nothing back!

Nanette graciously allowed me to record the conversation and here it is for you - complete with a transcript!

Including the modules above, that is a retail value of $111.
But am I going to STOP there?

I want you to start your Internet Business the RIGHT WAY...

Don't Make ALL of the MISTAKES I made when I first started. Here are some FREE BONUSES to ensure that you are successful with your new online business...

Bonus #1 - Starting a Family Business on the Internet!

$27 Retail Value!

Want to Know How the Beck's Run Their Online Business as a Family?
...Well Here You Go!

Chapter 1: The Benefits of Starting a Family Business

Chapter 2: The Perfect Business

Chapter 3: The Big Picture - The Marketing Funnel

Chapter 5: Finding Products

Chapter 6: Shipping Products

Chapter 7: Conclusion - The Biblical Mandate for Small

Bonus #2 - Making Money Online...Tonight!

Over 2 Hours of What Works on the Internet Today
...And What Doesn't!

$47 Retail Value

   Just Look at ALL of the Topics Covered:
Tips on using Ebay
Tips on shipping your products
The importance of funnel marketing
The value of a creating a newsletter
Why an email list is so important
The top ten ways to get products to sell on your site
Drop shipping
Using clickbank
Researching demand
The future of online business
Why have a family business?
How to get ranked in the search engines
How to use Screen Capture Videos
Choosing products to sell
Google Adsense
Generating Affiliate Commissions

I want to order now...

Hi! I just got home from visiting my parents.  I'm so grateful they baby-sat so I could sit in on the call! 

I think some of the area's you have been talking about FINALLY sunk in.

Renee A.

Thanks for a very informative call regarding starting an Internet business.
It was wonderful and the notes were very helpful.
  I appreciate your scriptural insights about handling money and the need for taking care of our own out of a surplus.

Janice from Virginia

Disk #2
Getting Started Online System: The Videos

If you can copy and paste, you can do this. In fact, I have put together some videos to show you exactly how!

You see, that is what stopped me from making money on the Internet for the longest time. I just didn't know how to get started. If someone would have sat down and showed me how to create my first web page, I could have taken it from there!

And I bet that is what is stopping you. You need someone to sit down and show you how to do the simple things that are necessary to making a good living on the Internet.

Video #1 - How to Create a FREE Blog...That Sells!    $37 Retail Value
How would you like to start selling on the Internet...TONIGHT!

You can do it with a free blog from and some affiliate links. I show you how to choose a niche, how to find products and then how to put those product links on a free blog from

You don't need a web site, a domain name, web hosting or anything like that to start making money tonight on the Internet. Just watch my step-by-step instructions on your computer screen and then start doing it yourself!

This is not the land of "techies" - if you can click with a mouse, you can do this!

Click Here to see a sample of the video!

Video #2 - How to Create a Web Page...the Simple Way!   $37 Retail Value
Would you like to have the bulk of your web page done in 10 minutes or less?

I thought you would. In Video #1, I teach you how to build a simple web page complete with header, navigation bar, body, testimonial boxes and even a footer for your contact information.

Then I teach you how to add text, pictures, graphics and hyperlinks and well as how to keep your files together.

Click Here to see a sample of the video!

Video #3 - How to Find Products...With No Inventory!   $37 Retail Value
Want to offer the products that your visitors are looking for without all the hassle of keeping inventory in your living room and spending big bucks for a merchant account?

Then recommend those products to your visitors for a BIG FAT commission! In this video, I show you where to find down-loadable information products as well as physical products that you can recommend on your web site or blog.

Let someone else hassle with collecting the money, bad credit cards, returned merchandise and shipping! You will be making an income without all the headaches!

Click Here to see a sample of the video!

Video #4 - How to Get Brand-Spankin' New Visitors!   $37 Retail Value!
Would you dozens, if not hundreds, of new visitors EVERY DAY coming to your web site or blog?

How many products could you sell if that were to happen?

In this video, I show you how to research what terms people are searching on in the search engines to find your products and information (it may not be the terms you have even considered!).  I also teach you how to avoid the extremely competitive terms so that you are not just one of the millions trying to reach the same customer.

Then, I teach you how to set up your web page and blog posts to take advantage of this search term (or keyword) research.

And finally, I show you how to post articles to establish YOU as the GURU in your field and get you #1 rankings for your search term. And #1 ranking in the search engines means an endless supply of fresh new customers!!!

Click Here to see a sample of the video!


Let me order right now...

Great tutorial!
It really helped that you visually showed each step. I knew how to do some of it, but not all of it, so I was glad to see it all. This is a great way to start getting internet income! Thanks!

Michelle A

Very informative and good instructions. I have never blogged. I did not know you could use it for business, so I am looking forward to trying it out.

Tom F.

The Blog Video tutorial was very helpful and practical. In fact, I want to start one soon and
I no longer feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start.

Thanks for all the helpful information and step by step instructions.

Tim B.

Steve, It was very informative! I was clueless on how this all worked and your video gave a great comfort level in starting the process. Thank you for your valuable information.

Erica R.

Disk #3
Getting Started Online System: The Resources

Do you make your clothes from scratch?!?

I didn't think so.

Then why are you creating your graphics and headers from scratch? Why not get some professionally designed graphics that you can just add your name and URL to?

It is so easy to do and we even provide videos that show you how!

Resource #1 - Impact Web Audio Software - $47 Value
(This Comes With Resale Rights!)


  • All In One Solution - Record your audio, add a background loop, and create your Flash based audio player using this all inclusive program. No expensive, and confusing external software needed!
  • 10 12 Professional Background Loops - The background audio loops included with Impact Web Audio were designed by the Internet's audio marketing expert, Mike Stewart! When it comes to marketing online with audio, there's absolutely no one better than "The Internet Audio Guy".
  • Instant Streaming Audio - Your audio starts in seconds, not minutes, regardless of whether your visitors are on dial-up, or a high-speed connection. Make your impact right away.
  • Automatic Fade-Up & Fade Out - Wrap your voice-based marketing message in a perfect introduction, leading with a perfect induction, and closing with ease. It's point-and-click easy to give your audio the professional sound that will blow your visitors away.
  • Exclusive "Affiliate Jump" Technology - Let Impact Web Audio automatically forward your visitors to the website of your choice at the end of your audio. Send your conversions through the roof using this exclusive technology for affiliate promotions, teleseminar playback, and more!
  • Customizable Your Audio Players - Impact Web Audio lets you customize your audio player, choosing from 6 stunning player styles, allowing you to choose any color under the sun, and letting you size your player to fit in even the tighest of locations.
  • Run Multiple Players On One Page - While this might seem obvious, you'd be shocked at how many audio solutions don't let you allow you to put multiple players on a single web page. With Impact Web Audio, that's never a problem.
  • Use Existing Audio Files - With Impact Web Audio, you can either record a brand new audio file within the program itself, or make use of any existing .mp3 or .wav audio file on your computer.
  • No Monthly Fees - Why pay another company to host your audio messages when you don't have to? With Impact Web Audio, you host the audio on your own web server, and never have to worry about your audio going offline, or paying outrageous bandwidth fees.
Resource #2 - OVER 1600 Images, Clipart and Graphics to use on Your Web Site! - $47 Value

Quit Stealing images off the Internet! It could come back to BITE you!

Use these graphics and images to dress up your website, attract more visitors and get more sales!

This is NOT just a few simple clipart images! It includes people, computers, guarantee images and so much more!

Here is just a sample of what's included in the clipart collection:


67 different images of Try it, Trial, Free Trial, Trial Download and more...


Every online seller needs some form a images of computers and internet related graphics. 88 images to choose from.


Do you have products that you want to mark down? Well here are the graphics you will need to display those mark downs.


It's always good to offer some sort of guarantee on your products. This collection has 93 different styles.


Every product needs a standout buy it now purchase button. There are 46 eye catching designs in this collection to encourage more sales.


Having people on your sales pages makes your pages pop with enthusiasm. Over 150 different images to choose from.


These is always room on a sales page for banners and notices like "On Sale", we have 38 different sales banners in this collection.


Do you need a few options to make your own messages? You can use these templates to create your own message. 21 templates to choose from.


It's always to good to show potential customers a visual on the amount of cash they can make. Also included are pictures of credit cards. 60 images total.


Every good business website has bullet points, check marks and quality icons. We have included over 200 quality graphics to help you with it.

Resource #3 - 35 Private-Label Totally Customizable Headers - $47 Value   (This one has resale rights!)

Professional Header Graphics In LESS than 2 Minutes. Even If You Have Never Tried Before!

Here are a FEW of the headers you will receive (includes a video showing you how to customize them!!!)