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1 Shopping Cart



What does it do?

1 Shopping Cart brings all of a the functions of an internet business under one roof.

Every online business needs:

  • A way to process your customer order

  • A way to send emails automatically to your customers
    (also called 'auto-responders")

  • A way to track your affiliates

  • A way to track your customers and newsletter subscribers

  • A way to create email capture forms and pop-over boxes linked to your autoresponders

1 Shopping Cart brings all of these functions into one software.

Things I Like:

I can't say enough about this program. Before switching to 1 Shopping Cart, I had a shopping cart with one company, I sent my newsletter with another company, I generated pop-ups through another company and I was about to start an auto-responder through yet another company!

Now, all of these functions are in one place and the program controls all my emails to affiliates, customers and prospective customers. It also handles all my newsletter subscriptions, "thank you's" and confirmations. I can even send my downloadable products and bonuses through it. It has one of the coolest pop-up scripts around. A pop-up that can not be blocked and slides in from the side...very professional looking!

Adding products is fairly easy and you can even upload a database of current products if you wish. You can designate certain bonuses for particular products and you can even automatically subscribe your clients to your newsletter when they purchase your product. Or perhaps you may want them to automatically receive emails describing other products you sell. Perhaps you may want to insert an affiliate email in the other products auto-responder. Who better to sell your product as an affiliate than one who has already purchased your product?

Things I Would Change:

The only beef I have with 1 Shopping Cart is that they request your old clients to "opt-in". Meaning, you can not move your clients from another list or newsletter all at the same time without having them confirm with 1 Shopping Cart that they want to be moved. What this means is that half of your list will be just too busy to "opt-in" even though the still want to receive your newsletter. I know that 1 Shopping Cart is concerned about spam, but it is really hard to get old clients to take the time to opt-in (Again! Since they opted in the first time when they joined the other list). I got a special "dispensation" from the spam-general at 1 Shopping Cart, so I have everyone on board now.

Also, creating html links for your affiliates is very cumbersome in 1 Shopping Cart. One would think that you could just create a small page in Front Page and then cut and paste, but

1 Shopping Cart doesn't like Front Page's way of generating html code (or any other WYSIWYG program for that matter), so you basically have to create your media in their very clunky html editor and even then, it doesn't work sometimes.  

Some other things to watch out for:

  • 1 Shopping Cart does not give partial returns (you must do them manually)

  • 1 Shopping Cart does not allow you to over-ride the general shipping setting so that a certain product can have its own shipping cost. (you have to select the no-shipping option and add the unique shipping price in the description)


Of course, the reason I know about these glitches is because I use 1 Shopping Cart as my own shopping cart! Other than a few problems, I am pleased with the convenience and power of 1 Shopping Cart. It has automated my marketing and sales are climbing. I now have an affiliate program that runs on auto-pilot and a way of capturing emails for my newsletter that works while I am away. They offer a free trial for a month, but after one week, you will want it for keeps!

Oh, did I mention that you can call and talk to a real person whenever you want? Very important!

Rating: (Featuring the Beefy/Nacho Cheese Rating System)  

Highest rating is five "T"-bones

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